Mademoiselle be.ez

A fashionable and sparkling collection for "mademoiselle".

Brought to you by be.ez team, featuring our best know-how in laptop protection, custom colors, trendy styles.

mademoiselle be.ez is a world traveller, check our DIY tour dates for your opportunity to come and design your very own personalised second skin.

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DIY Tour!

Design your very own mademoiselle be.ez sleeve.
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Our DIY programs travels from one shop another. Check when mademoiselle be.ez comes to your closest shop and set the date!

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Choose your model, write your own slogan, choose your colors among a wide palette of choices, express yourself!

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Made for you

Our dedicated customisation studio creates your own sleeve and get it delivered to the same partner shop within a few days!

Next date

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June 24


@ Actimag Rouen

Centre de Commerces et de Loisirs Docks 76
Boulevard Ferdinand de Lesseps, 76000 Rouen
Téléphone : 02 35 15 00 00

We are preparing for...

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Have you missed us? We hope to come back

Jan 20 - Jan 22

Hong Kong

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